We only regret the chances we don’t take

Buying a boat and being a live aboard was something that we have always fantasized about. Many friends thought we were completely insane “But you have such a beautiful home” they said, “But what if you have kids?” they said, “But…But… how will you shower? do laundry? cook? not kill each other?” they said. What about Charlie (our miniature Dachshund)?!?


Our house


We considered everyone’s concern, but we tend to be the “go against the grain” type. We didn’t want to wait until we were retired to make this lifestyle change. We knew that the “American Dream” was not our dream and we knew we needed to do something about it.  We’re young, our bodies don’t have (too many) aches and pains yet and most importantly it’s the lifestyle that we’ve always dreamt about. We originally got the idea from a combination of my parents who lived aboard for many years (me just a babe when we moved back to land) and Chris’s family, who always had boats where he would spend many nights out fishing and sleeping aboard.  I think that collectively our family’s affinity for the sea has brought us together and made our dreams into reality.

I recently quit my job (with nothing else lined up) so this gave us a chance to re-evaluate our options to start over and create a life that we have always dreamed of. Since I now had time to kill Chris told me to call up the realtor to discuss the specifics. Needless to say I didn’t waste any time. It was all excitement, like a kid in a candy store, we’re really doing this! The realtor pulled out the papers for us to sign, then – all of a sudden my nerves changed, I got scared…really scared, like the kind where your butt cheeks clench together scared. I began to think –  Are we making the right choice? How will I get rid of two closets full of clothes? How will I survive without a dishwasher? Will I dread showering, or stop showering all together? Will we kill each other? Our current home is 1,650 sq. ft. with four bedrooms and two full bathrooms, in comparison our new home will be about 200 sq. ft.  Which means we have ALOT of “things” to get rid of.

genmid_160012953_3_0   genmid_160012953_15_0

Slowly we began to clean out our closets. We would donate only a little at a time so it wouldn’t become too overwhelming. Surprisingly enough once we started the process my nerves started to diminish and excitement set in. The purging of material items began to feel good…really, really good. I ended up with bags and bags of stuff for the Goodwill. 10,000 glass cups – bye,  10,000 glass plates – bye, shoes upon shoes – bye, Cuisinart mixer – bye, Crockpot – BYE FELICIA! We started a little “keep” pile and the rest was out to the garage for our future yard sale (aside from multiple items that my mom and sister have already claimed). Luckily the lady who bought our house loved our furniture and bought the couches, dining room set, outdoor furniture and master bedroom set. We didn’t even have to deal with those Craigslist people or even move the crap = Double Score!

As the house slowly became empty Charlie grew nervous, but we grew with more excitement. It was sad (kinda) to leave the house, but summer is just on the horizon and we’ve got bigger plans! We’re moving onto a boat!

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