Man Overboard

Living on a boat comes with it’s challenges. Challenges that are different from those day to day challenges of living on land.

Sure, dropping your heavy grocery’s on the ground when opening your front door can suck, but dropping heavy grocery’s that you have laboriously lugged 200 yards from the car through the gate down the slippery gangway and your so close but the stupid bag breaks and everything falls into the water before you can put it on deck…yeah that can really suck. Or having to use quarters for laundry sucks, but when you actually went to the damn bank, and sat in the damn line, on your damn lunch to get those damn quarters, for those damn quarters to ever so slowly go rolling off the deck and into the water can really suck.

Quarters were not the first thing to sink down into the depths of the sea, my jewelry was. Since getting rid of most of all of our belongings I didn’t really have much jewelry anyways. I kept only the things that had either sentimental value or it was something that I just loved – my malas, some crystals, beads and a ring my grandmother gave me.

Everything that has gone over has its own story behind it whether funny or frustrating, but one thing seems to be the same in every situation – it happens in slow motion! Slowly rolling, slowly sinking away. For the case of my jewelry, the basket it was in slowly rolled out of the dock cart and onto the dock, then it slowly rolled into the water but first hitting the side of the boat where my grandmothers ring flew out and landed in the kayak which happen to be the only thing saved. “There went my jewelry” I told Chris in a very nonchalant fashion. “Oh NO!” he replied. “Well…oh well.. look… at least my grandmothers ring is saved!” I said.  “We can find a diver to go down and get the rest of your stuff, we will get it back for you” Chris said. “Ya, OK, oh well, not a big deal” I replied a little bummed out, but really not feeling anything – I mean it’s just jewelry. “Non attachment, I’m practicing non attachment, it’s really ok”.

Chris and I have both learned a few lesson’s in non-attachment. A few weeks or so later we were out fishing in the dinghy, Chris using his favorite pole with his favorite reel that he has had for 15+ years since he was a young kid (an oldie but a goodie). After being out for awhile we decided it was time to head in, so he strapped his pole down and we were headed back.  The bay was pretty rough, but Chris is great at maneuvering though the madness.  We hit a wave and we both watched his pole slowly fly up in the air and land in the water “SHIT” he said, turning the boat around as quickly as possible. Just as were turning around we see it slowly sinking, almost floating and bobbing back and forth on the top of the water, he grabbed the other pole to use it to levy the sinking one.  It was at our fingertips we were so close, but not close enough…it sunk.  …OH…and a few weeks after that, his second favorite pole-same story.

So, since we have been aboard for a few months now we now practice non-attachment quite often because things are just things, right? I’m sure, no actually, I’m positive this list will continue to grow but here are all of things that we have lost to the great big blue…so far


  • All of my jewelry (minus my grandmothers ring)
  • A roll of quarters
  • 2 fishing poles and reels
  • 2 cell phones
  • 4 vape pens
  • 1 oar
  • Cell phone wallet combo (a friends)
  • Tools
  • Charlie’s collar

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