Gift Buying Guide for The Liveaboard In Your Life



Tis the season for giving! You know that the cute decorative boat statue or nautical pillow you saw and thought “I bet my friends that live on a boat would love that!” …think again. Remember, we LIVE on a boat…EVERYTHING is nautical and since we live on a boat that means we also don’t have room for impractical stuff.  Trust me the only trinkets around here come from places we have visited or experienced, there really is no room for anything else.  So, I thought I’d give you a little insight when it comes to buying gifts for the liveaboard in your life.

Chances are your liveaboard friend won’t use bath bubbles, scented candles, a glass wine decanter or a large framed photo of your family.

Think practicality and usefulness. Here are a few of our favorite things:

Gift Cards – Who doesn’t like to get a gift card? Whether it be a restaurant, grocery store or West Marine we will get use out of it. Giving a gift card will allow your liveaboard friend to get off the boat and have a nice night out, provision for the next adventure, buy boat necessities … or just wander around West Marine for hours and end up with new fishing gear we didn’t know we needed or a new pair of shades.


Alcohol – Yes, please. I don’t think much explanation is needed here. We will always make room for it. It is practical. It helps to ease the pain of a difficult day in the engine room or elevate the fact that the boat work is all done. As you can tell our neighbors know us all too well. Don’t forget, Bev Mo delivers. Cheers!


Photography Items – We love our life here on the water and want to keep these memories around for us to remember forever and to show our land lubing friends and family that we are still alive, sane and well. Decent cameras can cost a pretty penny and it can be tough to decide if you want hot water or lasting memories. I found this killer pocket-sized clip on mobile lens that offers both a Super Wide angle HD lens and a Macro HD lens.  You know all of those awkward galley shots? No more!

theboatlifediaries - clarboard

Waterproof phone case – It’s happened way too many times to count and I am now an avid cloud user, but I cannot stress more how important one of these babies are.  I have a running list on this blog of what has been surrendered to mother ocean and I think we have lost and upwards of four phones now.  This waterproof phone case is A – 100% waterproof up to 33 ft. (10 meters) so you can get those underwater shots, B – it transmits voice sound so you won’t miss a call (unless you want to), and C – it floats!


Yeti Cooler – Whether it be a cooler or drink ware they will get used. We have Yeti tumblers and jugs and they are hands down the best we’ve ever bought. They work great for dinghy rides to the beach or packing in for the long haul. Our drinks stay cold for days.


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