Man Overboard

Living on a boat comes with it's challenges. Challenges that are different from those day to day challenges of living on land. Sure, dropping your heavy grocery's on the ground when opening your front door can suck, but dropping heavy grocery's that you have laboriously lugged 200 yards from the car through the gate down the slippery gangway … Continue reading Man Overboard

We only regret the chances we don’t take

Buying a boat and being a live aboard was something that we have always fantasized about. Many friends thought we were completely insane "But you have such a beautiful home" they said, "But what if you have kids?" they said, "But...But... how will you shower? do laundry? cook? not kill each other?" they said. What about Charlie (our miniature Dachshund)?!?   … Continue reading We only regret the chances we don’t take